Loss of Taste and Smell: Remedies to Bring Back These Senses

Loss of Taste and Smell: Remedies to Bring Back These Senses

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January 25, 20225 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Loss of smell and taste in common cold are frequently seen symptoms
  • Loss of taste and smell are also among the common COVID symptoms
  • Using garlic, ginger and Vitamin C, you can regain these senses at home

Loss of taste and smell may be signs of different health conditions. These are also some early COVID symptoms you should watch out for. One in five patients reported loss of smell as an early symptom of COVID-19, as per a study [1]. The study also revealed that around 60% of viral and post-viral infections have loss of smell as a symptom. 

Losing essential senses like smell and taste can have an adverse effect on your life. This is why it is important to know about loss of smell and taste treatment options as well as their causes. If you have asked yourself why can’t I taste or smell anything, it could be due to causes such as:

  • Common cold
  • Brain injury
  • Flu
  • Viral infection
  • Allergies

If you are wondering how long does it take for taste and smell to come back, the answer lies in the cause. Loss of smell and taste in common cold is a prevalent symptom and you may regain them both with treatment and time. You can try an ayurvedic treatment of cold and cough to help bring back your senses. 

It is also important to know how to improve immunity, which may help in preventing the causes for loss of taste and smell. While you may regain your senses during or after treatment, in some cases it may take longer. Home remedies can help you regain your senses with ease and without having to travel. So, read on to know how to get taste and smell back with home ingredients using ayurvedic principles.

Tips to Improve Immunity


The ricinoleic acid present in garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce swelling in the nasal passage. The anti-bacterial properties help clear out the phlegm in nasal route, making it easier for you to breath. 

To restore your sense of smell, add 4-5 cloves of crushed garlic in a cup of water and let it boil for a few minutes. Drink this hot water mixture twice a day to regain your sense of smell. 

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Smell training

Smell training is a practice where you are exposed to certain strong scents daily for a certain period. As per a study, structured and short-term exposure to powerful scents may help improve and regain sensitivity to smell [2].

Smell training involves using intense odors that you may find in your home or using essential oils. Simply sniff each scent for 20 seconds, three times a day for six weeks. Some recommended scents are as follows.

  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Rose
  • Citrus

Castor oil

Castor oil helps relieve pain and has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. With it, you can stop the growth of nasal polyps caused by chronic inflammation. Castor oil is also effective in relieving cold and cough symptoms and helps regain your sense of smell. 

Using the Nasya treatment is effective way to regain your sense of smell. To take this treatment, add drops of warm castor oil in each of your nostrils. See a video to get the steps of this remedy right. Do this after waking up and before going to bed for the best results.

Remedies to Bring Back These Senses -53


The strong aroma and flavor of ginger helps stimulate your sense of smell as well as taste. It works as a natural expectorant and has antimicrobial properties. This helps treat and clear the infection and congestion of nasal passage. You can chew on piece of ginger or use shavings in your tea to help regain your sense of smell and taste.

Saline irrigation

Saline irrigation, also known as saltwater wash, may help clear and open up your nasal passage. It may also help prevent and stop the infection from spreading to other sinuses [3]. Saline irrigation helps you removes the mucus and allergens from your nasal cavity, making it easier to breathe and smell. 

You can either buy a sterile solution or make one at your home. Make sure that your solution is lukewarm and not too hot before you use it. Use this technique before taking nasal medicines to ensure that your sinuses can absorb them with ease. 

Vitamin C

Lemon is one of the foods rich in vitamin C that helps relieve nasal congestion and sore throat. Its anti-microbial properties help treat infections that lead to mucus deposits as well as a blocked or runny nose. 

Make a lemon tea by adding the juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey into a warm glass of water. Drink this tea twice a day for effective results and regain your sense of taste and smell.

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Though losing these senses may be temporary, it may also be a sign of a serious condition. If your loss of taste and smell lasts longer than usual, consult a doctor immediately. You should also talk to an ENT doctor if you experience sudden hearing loss or if you experience any other symptoms along with it. 

Since the loss of these senses are also COVID symptoms, you should also test yourself immediately. Book an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health to get treatment right from home. You can also select from the affordable test packages here and prioritize your health.

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