Lavender Oil Benefits For Skin and Hair and Ways to Use it

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Dr. Mohammad Azam


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Indulge in the most versatile lavender essential oil benefits, which fulfill more than your beauty regimen. Trust in the lavender oil benefits to overcome your skin ailments, lousy sleep schedule, and even stubborn period cramps.

Key Takeaways

  • Lavender oil for skin heals acne, cleans, and soothes inflammation
  • Prevention of hair thinning and promotion of hair growth are lavender oil benefits for hair
  • Aim for a better lifestyle with the lavender oil benefits

Essential oils have a way of becoming your beauty favorite; with their potent smell and healing properties, it has become a must-have for your categorized needs. Be it the refreshing peppermint, the mood enhancer rose, the libido enhancer jasmine, or the immunity booster rosemary. Making its way from the native land of Northern Africa and Western Europe's mountain regions to a bottle, the lavender essential oil is extracted from the spikes of the vibrantly hued purple flowers. Historically, lavenders have always been associated with the toiletries essentials, even among the royals. From soap to scented waters, the scent of lavender ruled the vanity preparedness. As the deadly diseases crowded the entire human population, lavender started to divulge its medicinal properties. Around the 17th century, one of the many lavender oil benefits was as a cure for light-headedness via aromatherapy [1].

Fast forward to modern times – where the essential lavender has rightfully retained its place, if not spread its utility. Here's a little glimpse to show the lavender essential oil benefits.

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Lavender Oil Benefits for Skin

Our facial skin is sensitive to the external surrounding, and with this growing pollution, it is hard to find a balance between having clear, radiant skin and going out. Enter lavender oil for the skincare regime. Its non-comedogenic properties ward off blocked pores with utmost care and evenly moisturizes your skin's epidermis. One of the many lavender oil benefits for the skin includes its potent anti-bacterial properties, which are necessary for gently fighting acne-prone skin. Mix this essential oil with a carrier oil to delve the mix deeply into your skin and enjoy a soft texture within days. You may also make effective face packs with subtle drops of this potion for evident results.

Unlimited work stress, including the corporate lifestyle, has been creating a burden – not only in your minds but up your shoulders. Releasing the built-up tension stored in the bodily muscles is another one of the lavender oil benefits. Mix this multipurpose potion in your bath water and experience a calming start to a hectic day in your daily bathing ritual with the sensational fragrance of lavender oil for the skin. 

With the downpours of immunity-compromised events during the monsoon, the addition of lavender essential oil benefits works as a holy grail with its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. So slather yourself with this essential to lead an infection-free monsoon this time.

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For the best use of the lavender essential oil for a cleaner face without any breakouts, apply the oil with any carrier oil after washing your face.

Simple DIY Face Mask that Would Leave You Glowing

The following mask would help you get a dewy texture within the quickest of minutes! Also, help your skin with honey's beneficial properties and lavender's anti-microbial properties.


Raw honey (1 tablespoon), lavender essential oil (3 drops).


  1. Take a small bowl and combine one tablespoon of honey and three drops of lavender essential oil  
  2. Stir the mix well  
  3. Smoothen the mixture and apply it to a damp face  
  4.  Leave the pack for 5-15 minutes  
  5. Rinse gently with a warm, damp washcloth
Lavender Oil Benefits For Skin and hair infographics

Lavender Oil Benefits for Hair

If you are worried about the growing lackluster and thinning of your hair, a piece of good news is right around the corner. Filling the shoes of yet another wonder, the tales of hair and the lavender oil benefits go hand in hand. Lavender is an analgesic in nature, giving relief to a suffering, itchy scalp with ingredients that go by the name of Linalyl and Linalool. Set aside your scalp inflammation by giving it the best of lavender essential oil benefits.

Further on, the lavender essential oil has been proven to be one of the most effective Ayurveda herbs for hair growth. So control your frizzy hair and give it its shine back by mixing the magical essential oil with your favorite carrier oil for hair. Add a few drops of the lavender essential oil to your serum, and use it after shampoo and conditioner to feel the warm scent of lavender flowers breezing from your hair.

Medically, the lavender oil benefits for hair include a cure for conditions such as Alopecia or pattern blindness [2].

Dig into a healthy scalp by adding this extraordinary essential oil to your hair care basket and see progressive results in no time.

Simple DIY Hair Mask that Would Leave Your Hair Shining

This simple mask works as a homemade hair treatment and can be applied weekly to get the best results.


Virgin coconut oil (2 tablespoons), lavender essential oil (3 drops), and Rosemary essential oil.


  1. Take a small bowl and mix the coconut oil and the two essential oils  
  2. Blend it in until it gets smoothened  
  3. Damp your hair with a spray bottle  
  4. Start applying the mix to your hair  
  5. Make sure to distribute the mixture equally by parting your hair  
  6. Massage thoroughly  
  7. Let the mask sit for 30 minutes  
  8. Rinse the mask

A Better Lifestyle with Lavender Oil Benefits Galore

Your beauty and hair care routine would fill the vessels of your appearance; why leave your inner peace stranded? Leaving no stones unturned, the lavender essential oil benefits are not dismissive of your lifestyle betterments.

In this fast-moving world, with gadgets and their lights looming over our faces, even past bedtime – disrupting our sleep schedule and holistic health. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and their by-products have turned out to be a nightmarish epidemic.

As far as aromatherapy goes, it has shown substantial results in elevating mood and reducing anxiety. Furthermore, numerous studies prove that lavender oil benefits are inclusive of anxiety alleviating tendencies and are effective in curbing insomnia.

The effects of lavender essential oil have been studied to be concluded that it has been effective in significantly inhibiting depression-like behavior. Promoting relaxed nerves, this wondrous oil seems to balance social anxiety among individuals as well. In addition, this oil has been found to be neuroprotective.

Unraveling the tremendous lavender essential oil benefits, it is not surprising to come across it being an antidote to skin diseases. Skin problems that cause dry patches, and flakiness, like eczema, can be layered down with the lavender essential oil. Its soothing properties take care of the inflammation that occurs. Lavender's hydrating properties look after psoriasis and heal it with its antiseptic properties.

Talking of dryness, lavender sticks to being an aid to even the natural aging process. Fight wrinkles and patches on your skin by mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil with your moisturizer.

Mixing the lavender essential oil with other essential oils, such as tea tree oil, would provide excellent hydration to the skin's layer and protect it from further deterioration. Applying it to any carrier, like coconut oil, is also smart.

What to Keep in Mind?

The lavender essential oil benefits have been amass. However, here are a few notes to keep in mind as we start to include this delight in our routine.

  • If you come across any rashes, feel uncomfortable, or if the oil causes any irritation, stop using the oil immediately. Instead, speak to a doctor about your condition.
  • Essential oils shall not be ingested and are only for external uses. 
  • The FDA does not regulate lavender essential oil; please be aware of the dosage or the product you use. Consult with your dermatologist or get an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health before applying. 
  • Essential oils are always packaged in dark bottles due to their higher concentration. Look for product packaging that saves the lavender essential oil from sunlight. 
  • Look for lavender essential oil's Latin scientific name before buying the product. For example, the ingredient list should include 'Lavandula Angustifolia.' 
Published on 25 Aug 2022Last updated on 12 Apr 2023

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Dr. Mohammad Azam

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Mohammad Azam

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