5 Exciting Superfoods Based on IPL Team Jersey Colors!


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Key Takeaways

  • Consume vitamin C foods to boost your immunity levels
  • Avocado benefits your health by offering a range of vital nutrient
  • One of the benefits of chia seeds is that it improves bone health

The IPL has been a major source of entertainment for the last few years. This battle of players representing different parts of the country is a treat for cricket fans, young and old alike. The fast pace of the matches also adds excitement to the gentleman’s game! Apart from the entertainment factor, the Indian Premier League has also nurtured budding cricket players of under the guidance of more seasoned players. The classic combination of home and foreign players is what makes this format even more interesting to watch.

Now that the IPL fever is back again to keep you hooked, let’s dive into the health benefits of some amazing superfoods based on IPL team jersey colors. These superfoods provide umpteen benefits. By associating them with your favorite team’s jersey colors, you can commit them to memory!

Superfood chartMust-have superfoods based on IPL team jersey colors

Shine like CSK by eating foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables. A potent antioxidant, it is known to boost your immunity and promote healthy skin [1]. Since your body is incapable of synthesizing it, you need to include it regularly in your meals. Some vitamin C foods are:

Including half a cup of yellow peppers to your meals can provide 137mg of vitamin C. Another simple, yellow-colored food to have daily is a lemon. Approximately 83mg of vitamin C is present in one whole lemon including the skin. Kiwis are another tasty option. Among the key kiwi fruit benefits are that they reduce oxidative stress. They also boost your immunity and lower your cholesterol. One medium-sized kiwi contains about 71mg of vitamin C and can improve your blood circulation if eaten regularly. Another option is the avocado. Avocado benefits your body by supplying essential nutrients like vitamins E, B6, C, K, magnesium, niacin, and potassium. Avocados are also known to improve your digestive health.

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Eat blueberries and stay in tip-top shape like the Mumbai Indians

This blue-colored food is loaded with nutrients. As blueberries are low in calories and rich in fiber, you can consume them without guilt. Blueberries contain many micronutrients, such as vitamins K and C and manganese. Manganese plays an important role in regulating metabolism and forming your connective tissues. Vitamin K is essential for good bone health and blood clotting. These berries also contain anthocyanins, which protect your cells against harmful free radicals [2].

indian super foods

Defeat heart diseases with red foods like the RCB defeats opponents

All red-colored foods contain anthocyanins and lycopene like:

  • Apples
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelons
  • Tomatoes
  • Cherries

These powerful antioxidants minimize the risk of stroke and heart ailments. Another benefit of consuming red superfoods is that they destroy free radicals. While strawberries can improve your immune system, consuming cherries can lower your blood pressure. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and are good for your heart. Watermelons help in minimizing LDL levels and red peppers promote healthy bones and teeth.

Include blackberries in your diet and excel on the field like KKR

These berries contain essential nutrients like manganese, vitamin C and K. Vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting and promoting good bone health. Blackberries are packed with fiber and can keep you satiated for a long period. Consuming 1 cup or 144g of blackberries can provide approximately 8g of fiber. Antioxidants present in blackberries contain anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can consume this nutrient-rich superfood by including it in salads, smoothies, pies or eat it as is.

Enjoy the benefits of chia seeds like viewers enjoy a super over!

There are umpteen benefits of chia seeds, and they should be part of your diet. Though they are tiny in size, chia seeds are one of the most nutritious superfoods [3]. Packed with high protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are truly super. The essential nutrients present in chia seeds can minimize the risk of heart ailments and improve your bone health. Adding chia seeds in your diet may reduce your blood glucose levels too. Simply toss it on your salads, smoothies, yoghurt, or even rice dishes.

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This IPL season, let your favorite teams motivate you to eat healthier. Have a wholesome and well-balanced diet and don’t forget to keep yourself active. If you are facing a health ailment, be proactive and speak with specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment for an online or in-person consultation to address your symptoms at once. Keep illnesses at bay this IPL season and enjoy it to the fullest!

Published on 8 Oct 2021Last updated on 20 May 2022
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