Top 6 Uses and Health Benefits of Cloves

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March 24th, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Cloves provide numerous health benefits apart from increasing flavor in meals
  • Immunity boost is one of the benefits of drinking clove water every morning
  • Improved bone health, cancer & ulcer prevention are health benefits of cloves

A versatile ingredient, cloves are dried flowers obtained from the clove tree. It is an important spice that gets added to many dishes for increasing their flavor. You can either use whole cloves or grind them to give your dishes that extra zest. However, cloves aren’t used only for their flavor. They are used because of their numerous health benefits.

Cloves get their rich brown color from the beta-carotene present in them. Including these antioxidants in your diet are beneficial for your health. Tackling dental and indigestion problems are a few common clove benefits. Boosting your immunity is also one of the benefits of drinking clove water every morning. 

To know more about the health benefits of cloves and different clove uses, read on.  

Helps maintain oral health 

Research suggests that clove oil can be a natural and effective way to maintain your oral health. This is because of its effect on bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis. A comparison study between a herbal and commercial mouthwash concluded that the former may be more effective. This herbal mouthwash had tea tree oil, basil, and cloves [1]. Benefits of cloves also help in reducing harmful bacteria in the mouth.  

Reduces oxidative stress 

Other than minerals and vitamins, cloves are also a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress by protecting your cells from harmful free radicals. Oxidative stress can lead to a number of chronic diseases. Cloves contain eugenol which is a more effective antioxidant than vitamin E. Eugenol inhibits oxidative damage that free radicals cause [2].  

Including benefits of cloves in your antioxidant rich diet will help improve your overall health. 

Health Benefits of Cloves

Boosts immunity 

Eugenol present in cloves is also effective against harmful virus, fungus, and bacteria. Benefits of cloves also have antiviral and blood purifying properties. This helps in detoxifying your blood and stimulating the white blood cells of your body. This stimulation helps increase resistance against certain diseases and improve your immune system.  

Manages diabetes 

The compounds present in cloves may help control your blood sugar. A compound nigericin, present in cloves, can help reduce insulin resistance [3]. Insulin is responsible for controlling glucose levels in your body and preventing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This is why is it important to ensure the proper functioning of this hormone. 

Reduces cancer risk 

Spices like cloves may play an important role in preventing and treating different types of cancer. Eugenol found in cloves also has anticancer properties. It may help in preventing cervical cancer and destroying cancerous cells [4]. Another research showed that clove oil caused 80% death of esophageal cancerous cells [5]. 

Do note that eugenol has high toxicity. So, excess dosage of clove oil can cause liver damage. Talk to your oncologist before using any remedy or medicine.  

side effects of cloves

Protects bone health 

Low bone mass is a common condition and can lead to the development of osteoporosis. It is more commonly diagnosed in women. Protection of bone health is a vital benefit of cloves for a woman. The compounds present in cloves can help preserve and improve bone mass. Eugenol present in clove extract may also help improve bone strength and density [6]. 

Cloves also have manganese, which help in bone formation and is vital for bone health. You can get around 30% of daily manganese intake from 2g of ground cloves.  

Prevents stomach ulcers 

Peptic or stomach ulcers are sores that form along the lining of esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. The common causes for stomach ulcers include genetics, infection, and stress. These factors lead to a reduction in the protective lining and cause stomach ulcers.  

Clove oil can increase gastric mucus production that helps in preventing erosion of your stomach lining, as per a study [7]. Clove extract also helps treat stomach ulcers as its effects are similar to antiulcer medicines [8]. 

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6 common clove uses 

  • Cloves for tooth decay and bad breath is one of the common and effective ayurvedic health tips 
  • Benefits of implementing ayurveda remedies also include relief from congestion, flatulence, and headache. 
  • Applying ground clove to minor cuts also helps in the healing process 
  • Cloves can also be used to reduce stretch marks 
  • Cloves can also be used as a bug or insect repellent when you add a few drops of its oil in water 

Keep in mind that these clove uses are remedial and not a cure to certain health conditions. If you have any persistent signs, contact a doctor immediately. You can do so with ease by booking an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. You can also opt for an in-person consultation. This will help you ease your worries and get the best treatment from the best doctors. Having regular health check-ups is one the best ways to stay aware about your health. The platform offers a wide range of test packages at an affordable price. Try these preventive measures to keep your health in the best shape!

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