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Key Takeaways

  • One of the most common reasons for dry cough in winter is cold and flu
  • Asthma, viral infection, or other irritants can also be a reason for dry cough
  • For dry cough treatment, honey is more effective than cough suppressant

As winter approaches, your body may take some time to adjust to the changing weather conditions. During this time, it is crucial to take proper care so that you are safe from seasonal diseases. Dry cough is one of the most common illnesses caused by cold weather. The most common reason for dry cough is people having allergic reactions to the season change. Other triggers of cold and dry cough may include asthma, environmental irritants, and viral infection.

In some cases, dry cough treatment can be done at home with the help of ayurvedic treatment. Read on to know ayurvedic treatment for dry cough and boost your immunity against winter diseases

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dry Cough

Ayurveda is an age-old way of treating various medical illnesses. Some of the most effective ayurvedic ways of dry cough treatment are as follows.


Pudina, also known as peppermint, has long been utilized in ayurvedic medicine for dry cough and colds. Because of the established advantages of menthol - pudina's principal bioactive ingredient is now employed in conventional pharmaceuticals to treat these illnesses. A scientific study of antitussives emphasized the relevance of menthol in dry cough therapies, particularly inhalation.

Other studies have found that the plant has antispasmodic properties, decreasing dry or hacking cough spasms. You may use the fresh leaves as a garnish in dishes or soak them in boiling water with other herbs to produce herbal tea as a pudina dry cough cure. Lozenges containing pudina or menthol can also give relief, but go for all-natural options instead. You may also use peppermint oil for steam inhalation by adding a few drops to a bowl of hot water.

Inhalation of Eucalyptus Steam

Eucalyptus oil, also called nigiri tail in Ayurved, can effectively cure a dry cough. Another substance that has piqued experts' curiosity is eucalyptus oil, which has various medicinal characteristics that may be used in modern medicine. The oil of the plant is known to have antibacterial characteristics that can help prevent infections, but it also contains immune-stimulatory, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate dry coughs.

Its utility in treating illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis has been supported by research. Eucalyptus oil may be used as mouthwash or gargles by adding two drops to a glass of warm salt water. The most common way of treatment is steam inhalation. The most common route of administration is steam inhalation, which needs 2-3 drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water.


Garlic is another common spice found in almost every kitchen, but it is more than just a flavorful herb. It is recognized as one of the finest natural defences against heart disease, but studies suggest that it can also assist with more ordinary ailments such as dry cough. Its immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial characteristics make it beneficial.

Although garlic is best used to prevent colds and coughs, it may also be used to treat dry coughs. You may add a few cloves to the boiling water when making herbal tea and even combine them with ginger and honey.

Juice from onions

Because onions are a mainstay in every Indian household, this is a very practical solution. Most people are unaware that onions may be medicinal in addition to adding taste to cuisine. According to research, onion extract contains anti-inflammatory properties and relaxes the trachea, which can minimize or eliminate coughing spasms.

These advantages might be attributed to sulfur molecules found in onions. Onions' efficacy as a dry cough treatment has long been acknowledged in Ayurvedic medicine, and it's worth a go. You may extract onion juice by crushing it and combining it with equal amounts of honey. Consume a spoonful of the combination at least two or three times each day.


Because of its expectorant characteristics, thyme is regarded to be good for dry cough. This implies that it can aid in loosening and expulsing mucus from the lungs. It also possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which may aid in treating respiratory infections and inflammation.


Honey is a great dry cough treatment for adults and children above the age of 1. Consuming honey every day helps you treat this disease. According to a study, it proved to be more efficient than cough suppressing ingredients, especially for dry cough at night. [1]

You can take honey by the teaspoon several times a day. You can also put in your tea or warm water for good results.

Dry Cough Infographic


The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of ginger not only help you treat dry cough but also boost your immunity. A hot cup of ginger tea can give you instant relief. You can also add honey to your ginger tea to make it more beneficial. Other than these, you can take ginger in the form a capsule or chew on ginger roots for treating this disease.

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Tulsi, or holy basil is another effective remedy of this.  The drink made from tulsi leaves can boost your immunity and treat microbial infections. A tea with its leaves gives instant relief from dry cough, asthma, and allergic bronchitis. This is because it has antitussive and immunomodulatory properties. With these, you can get rid of your dry cough and enhance your immunity. Some oils in it may also help clear congestion.


Turmeric has a component called curcumin. It is said to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make turmeric beneficial for several health conditions such as bronchitis, upper respiratory condition, asthma and even dry cough. It has been used in ayurvedic treatment for centuries. Apart from the spice form, you can even take turmeric as a capsule. When taken with black pepper, curcumin is best absorbed into your blood stream. You can put it in your warm tea or milk.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Dry Cough (OTC)

Apart from ayurvedic options, you can also treat your dry cough with these medicines. Some OTC ayurvedic medicine for dry cough that work best are:


These treat congestion in the sinuses and nose. They also help reduce postnasal drip which is one of the causes for dry cough. These medicines should not be taken by children under the age of 12. 

Cough Suppressants

These have antitussive properties that block your cough reflex. This property of cough suppressants makes them effective treatment option for dry cough at night.

Cough Drops

These have the properties of lozenges. This helps them soothe and lubricate the affected throat tissues. Cough drops constitute different ingredients made from eucalyptus, peppermint, and other mint oils. They help reduce your urge to cough. 

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While you can treat a dry cough, it is always better to prevent it instead. Here is how to boost immunity in winters to prevent winter diseases. 

  • Drink warm water
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cover your face while sneezing or coughing
  • Maintain distance from people with cough and cold
  • Eat home-cooked food
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Include ginger, almonds, and vitamin C in your diet

The ayurvedic options for treating dry cough also work as immunity booster ingredients. This is due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They also have various properties which help them boost your immunity. However, make sure you do not go overboard with these remedies. Having an overactive immune system is also dangerous as it can cause allergies and other autoimmune conditions [2]. The best way to balance this out is by living a healthy and balanced life.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Dry Cough Infographic

Dry Cough Treatment At Home

There are a few home remedies for dry cough listed below.

  • Avoid living in an air-conditioned environment since it exacerbates the causes of dry cough
  • To cleanse your throat and heal a dry cough, gargle with salty water
  • Drinking masala chai tea helps remove infections in the throat, which aids in the treatment of dry cough at home
  • For dry cough therapy at home, sip herbal drinks, ginger tea, and peppermint tea
  • Consume a small bit of ginger on a daily basis since it has anti-infection characteristics, and ginger is one of the important elements for home dry cough therapy
  • Drink hot water regularly to assist in clearing the throat and cleaning the formation of mucus and foreign particles on our throat 
  • Drinking hot water is critical for home dry cough therapy
  • Follow the home treatments listed below to cure a dry cough at home
  • Take a steam, heat water in a pan, and inhale the steam. Taking warm steam helps to relieve throat pain and the effects of a dry cough

Though this disease is usually not a cause for concern, consult your doctor if you see any other signs such as fever, chest pains, and breathing difficulties. With Bajaj Finserv Health, you can book an online doctor consultation or an in-clinic visit, as per your preference. Get treated by the best doctors and choose from a range of affordable test packages. This way, you can go two steps ahead in taking care of your health!

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