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Autumn Season Fruits and Vegetables: Eat Healthy and Tasty

Autumn Season Fruits and Vegetables: Eat Healthy and Tasty

Bajaj Finserv Health
September 6th, 2022
5 mins read


The cool autumn weather might feel lovely, but it also brings the common cold. The bright side is that it brings the most delicious seasonal autumn fruits and vegetables. They are not only tasty but great for boosting your immunity. 

Key Takeaways

  • Vitamin and minerals rich autumn season fruits and vegetables are what you need to stay healthy
  • Have an immunity boosting breakfast by including fresh and green seasonal vegetables in your meal
  • Add the best autumn fruits and vegetables of autumn like Lime, Fig, Broccoli, Spinach, etc. to your daily meals

Autumn brings with it a variety of fresh food choices to select from. So, you should not miss this autumn season's Fruits and Vegetables. They provide all the nutrition you need to keep your body healthy and functioning at its best. 

Which fruits should you eat this autumn?

Seasonal fruits are tasty and healthy at the same time. Autumn is the most colorful season of the year, and so are autumn fruits. Apples, pears, and cherries are at their peak in September, October and November. These fruits are sweet and juicy, so they're perfect for snacking this fall. It's a great time to enjoy a variety of flavors and textures.

Here's a list of  the fruits you should eat this autumn


Limes are packed with Vitamin C. [1] Since Vitamin C is a great antioxidant, including limes in your regular diet can benefit your health. Vitamin C protects you from common colds and coughs while preventing scurvy and gum problems. Regularly having lime with lukewarm water can also be suitable for your digestion system. 


Figs are great exotic seasonal fruits. Figs are tasty, chewable, and great for snacking. Figs come with high fiber, which is good for digestion. They are the best option for a healthy crunchy snack. 

Autumn Season Fruits and Vegetables


Grapes come with high carbohydrates.[2] Eating too many grapes can increase your calorie level. However, these sweet fruits taste great and have many health benefits. Both black and green grapes are available in autumn.  


Plums are sweet in taste and are one of the best alternatives for patients with diabetes. [3] Eating plums can heal people with depression, anxiety, and constipation. 

Passion Fruit

One of the famous fall seasonal fruits is passion fruit. Passion fruit contains vitamins A, C, and many antioxidants. [4] 


Another juicy fruit available during autumn is blackberry. Blackberries are full of antioxidants that help strengthen our immune system.  


This seasonal fruit is ideal for patients with high blood sugar, as raspberries are the best alternative snack to have when you are craving something sweet. Raspberries are supposed to be grown in cool and damp weather, so, undoubtedly, autumn is the best time for growing them. Raspberries can be eaten with your breakfast as toping.  

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Autumn Fruits and Vegetables benefits

Seasonal vegetables to eat in autumn season

Immunity-boosting tips in autumn include exercise and eating freshly arrived seasonal fruits to stay healthy. Look at the list of the fresh autumn season vegetables you should eat this autumn. 


Cabbage is full of nutrients and minerals, just like broccoli. Avoid overcooking cabbage, as it can spoil the needed nutrients and minerals. 


Spinach is considered one of the superfoods as it provides us with most of the properties we need for good health. Fresh, green, and crisp spinach is the best for our health. Green spinach can be a part of your breakfast too. Adding fresh and crisp spinach to your vegetable soup would be a great option to stay healthy in autumn. 


Add all the head, stems, and leaves of the cauliflower to prepare your immunity-boosting breakfast for the chilly mornings. 


Beets come with potassium, iron, fiber, and vitamins A, B & C [5]. Beets can boost our stamina and help in lowering blood pressure. Beets can be eaten raw, pureed, or roasted. 


Like lime, broccoli is also a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A [6]. Consuming fresh broccoli can lower the risk of lung, breast, and colon cancer. Broccoli also contains calcium and folic acid, which are needed during pregnancy. Broccoli is also a versatile vegetable. It can be eaten raw and cooked, but steamed broccoli is best if you want to intake broccoli with all its nutrients and minerals. 

The benefits of  seasonal fruits and vegetables

Though autumn comes with tasty and healthy fruits and veggies, it also brings a common cold and cough. You can get a doctor's consultation when severe colds and coughs occur. To avoid this and to stay healthy, you must learn to utilize all the seasonal fruits and veggies that autumn brings. Besides proper exercise, diet regime, and taking supplements, only seasonal fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system from within.  

  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Weight Loss

Some green vegetables can hold water. Veggies like Pumpkin, Zucchini are bliss if you try to lose those extra pounds. The water inside the veggies will help you have a healthy digestive system. And the fiber of the veggies allows you to get rid of the toxins in your body, which will lead you to have a fit and healthy body. Although if you have any medical conditions, consult a general physician.  

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Autumn is the harvest season and the best time to eat autumn fruits and vegetables. These fresh autumn fruits and vegetables provide you with all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.   

If you want to know more, get in touch with Bajaj Finserv Health to speak with a nutritionist today. Book an online teleconsultation from the convenience of your home to get proper guidance on your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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