6 Proven Benefits of Iced Tea and Side Effects


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Wondering how iced tea is good for your health? It has a rich profile of micronutrients and antioxidants that boost your metabolism and immunity. Find out more about iced tea health benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Iced tea has high levels of antioxidants that boost your immunity
  • Iced tea maintains your heart health and regulates blood sugar levels
  • One of the main health benefits of iced tea includes reducing stress

Iced tea is a cold beverage that has many health benefits because of its nutritional content. Made from black tea, iced tea is considered one of the best ways to hydrate your body, apart from water. The cool temperature soothes your stomach and improves digestion. It is rich in nutrients such as catechin, polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. These compounds provide antioxidants and boost anti-inflammatory activities in the tea.

A cup of sweet iced tea (257g) will provide you with 80 calories and 47.5 mg of caffeine. High caffeine intake can dehydrate your body and impose side effects from continuous use. As iced tea contains a lesser amount of caffeine than coffee, it is a better option for caffeine intake to boost your energy, and it also keeps your body hydrated. Moreover, it has micronutrients such as manganese, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc that boost your immunity. Its nutrition facts can help you to choose it as a healthier alternative to black tea or milk tea. Read on to know more about the benefits of iced tea.

1. Boosts Your Metabolism 

It has a high content of catechin, a flavonoid that improves your metabolism and helps break down fats quickly. This can help with weight loss, especially when you include iced tea in your diet. It also contains caffeine that helps to burn calories by boosting your energy. As per a study among American adults, intake of tea is inversely proportionate with weight gain and other signs of metabolic syndrome [1]. Apart from the important nutrients, iced tea hydrates your body, which helps to deliver nutrients properly to the cells and maintains body temperature.

It has a rich profile of micronutrients, which can improve your physical health in many ways. For example, it can heal wounds and strengthen your bones due to its magnesium content. Like similar benefits of mint leaves, magnesium in iced tea benefits your digestive system and utilizes fat to boost your metabolism.

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2. Improves Your Heart 

Tannin is another important compound in iced tea that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties, which protect your body against inflammation and early cell damage. These properties help in lowering the risk of heart conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

The use of cold water steeping to make the tea allows for the increased antioxidant content in the iced tea. These antioxidants prevent oxidative stress in your body, improving your immune system. In addition, unsweetened iced tea is beneficial for your heart health as it restricts sugar intake to maintain your blood flow.

3. Protects Your Teeth 

It has a high level of fluoride that protects your teeth and maintains oral health. It reduces bacterial growth and prevents cavities and tooth decay. Unsweetened iced tea prevents the formation of acids that can decay your teeth.

Iced tea's health benefits include control of bad breath and lowering the risk of oral cancer growth. Its anti-inflammatory activity protects your oral cavity from bacterial infection. Iced tea can treat gum diseases and dental plaque by lowering the acidity of saliva in your mouth.

4. Lowers Your Risk of  Type 2 Diabetes 

Similar to iced coffee, iced tea is beneficial for blood sugar regulation, especially in the unsweetened form. It has antioxidants that decrease cellular damage and maintain insulin sensitivity, making it a good choice for diabetic patients. It also maintains hydration in your body, which allows for regulating sugar levels in your blood flow.

5. Reduces Your Signs of Aging 

It has dietary polyphenols, which are the active compounds present in it. These compounds stimulate the formation of collagen in your body. This collagen is a protein that is found in your body and gives structure to your skin. Iced tea reduces aging signs by maintaining the collagen in your body. It prevents free radicals, which damage the collagen in your body tissues, and protects against oxidative stress.

6. Relaxes Your Mind 

Stress affects your physical and mental health in many ways, such as: 

It reduces the secretion of a stress hormone in your body called cortisol. Regulating the release of cortisol in your body can reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other health issues related to stress [2].

It has caffeine that boosts your energy and improves your mood. It regulates your nerves and relaxes your mind, which boosts your focus and performance.

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Side Effects of Iced Tea 

Besides iced tea benefits, there are certain side effects of overconsuming tea in any form. Take a look at them: 

  • Nausea 
  • Sleep disorder 
  • Heartburn 
  • Lower absorption of iron 
  • Overdependence on caffeine 
  • Pregnancy issues 
  • Dizziness 
  • Headaches 
  • Stress, anxiety, and fatigue

Iced tea benefits depend on your process of preparation as well as the quality of leaves used. One of the best ways to gain the most out of iced tea's health benefits is by making a cup with organic and fresh products. You can also substitute the sweetness of sugar with lemon, ginger, peaches, or organic honey. This will reduce your sugar intake without compromising on the sweetness!

The nutritional content of iced tea is better and more beneficial for your body when compared to energy drinks or processed beverages. To know more about how healthy diet changes can benefit your body, consult a nutritionist. Get an online doctor appointment on Bajaj Finserv Health and consult with top nutritionists. Choose from top doctors and nutritionists around you based on their qualifications, experience, languages are known, time of availability, and more. This way, you can start your journey of improving your health and lead a healthier lifestyle from your home.

Published on 18 Jul 2022Last updated on 21 Apr 2023
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